This forklift has been completely rebuilt, overhauled from the seat to the engine, all the major components including the tires have been replaced with new parts, effectively making this a new forklift all over again.

Can’t find a New or Used Forklift for sale in this ridiculous market? Let us rebuild your lift! For about half the money of a decent USED forklift, we can rebuild your old forklift that you were going to trade in and it carries a substantial warranty. An overhaul approach that is complete and thorough using new components right down to the tires. This has proven itself with numerous customers, allowing them to free up capital and get the same use as if they purchased brand new. There is unknown value in your existing equipment and we would be excited to illustrate this process for you. In about three weeks we can put in a new engine, replace all the hoses and major components, seat if it’s torn up, and do a fantastic new paint job, even with new decals if you want them. We’ll send your forklift back looking and running like brand new. We can even install a new hour meter that gets you back to ZERO hours on your meter! If you can’t be without your lift for the three weeks, we provide rentals (monthly rentals are less than $1500/month and transporting the rental would be free of charge if you set the rental up with the rebuild) Complete rebuild service is generally between $12-15,000; far less than the cost of a New or Used forklift, especially in these unprecedented times with such shortages on equipment and all the freight delays.