This forklift is run in extreme conditions-believe it or not, this forklift gets PM service every month and it needs it!

Does your forklift look like this?

Why would you have PM service every month? If you run your machines hard-two or more shifts a day or if you run them under extreme conditions-outside and/or in a dirty environment, your machine will have more frequent breakdowns if it is not maintained more frequently. Do we have evidence to prove that “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure?” Why yes we do! We service a company that runs three shifts a day-round the clock and they receive monthly PM service on their forklifts. We recently took one of those machines on trade and when we took apart the engine to rebuild it the inside of the engine looked BRAND NEW! Now, you can’t control for accidents and abuse, but you can control repairs for use.

Why else would you have PM service every month? To have a trained eye on potential problems that may arise. Our experience has been that an engine teardown after 10000+ hrs use indicates minimal wear thru monthly service and eliminates the need for premature major engine work. “An ounce of prevention really is worth a pound of cure!” The small problems that arise during regular operation are noticed and dealt with during these intervals further preventing major breakdowns and repairs. The bottom line is that PM servicing can save money by addressing problems before they become major repairs.